How to Get Your Kids Ready For School

Monday Aug 22nd, 2022


Getting The Kids Ready For School 

With summer quickly coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your children to go back to school. This involves much more than just buying new school supplies, it means thinking about a routine and practicing new habits to ensure that everyone is mentally ready to go back. It is important to start communicating now with your family so that everyone knows what the expectations will be in the coming months. We’ve included some of the best ways to make this transition as easy as possible!


Routine, routine, routine!

We know that kids thrive on routine. It can be really helpful to start setting a routine as September approaches. A few quick tips to help get your routine back in place can include, setting a bed time and starting the day off with an alarm as a gentle reminder, as well setting a specific time for dinner to ensure that you have time to read books/calm down before bed. As we know, school can come with lots of activities that take up evenings and weekends, so talking about those activities and what’s to come can really help put your kids in the right mindset and even get them excited. Right before school starts, don’t forget to do a couple of dry-runs so you can get a feel for how much time it takes to get ready in the morning.


Calendar/White Board 

This can be helpful for the whole family! Don’t we all thrive off having a visual of our own schedules?! Have a spot in your home where you can write down daily agendas, activities, outings, things to look forward to etc. Don’t forget to include your weekly meal schedule. The kids will enjoy helping you plan out the weekly meals.


Brain Games

Now that we all have had a chance to enjoy the long relaxing summer days, it is time to kick start your brain! This can be done by having your child get back into reading books. Take a few trips to the library to make it an adventure or buy a few new books to get them excited! Cards, board games and puzzles are also great options to get your brain sharp for the school year ahead.


Setting the Right Intentions

Making sure the kids are prepared to face each day will make things easier for the entire family.  Having your kids get their outfits ready the night before can help accomplish this. Have them assist you with getting lunches ready for the next day and decide on a spot where all “school stuff” can be left. This can be done leading up to the first day of school and continued throughout the school year. It makes life a little less hectic when transitioning from summer to school.


Shop for School Supplies

We can’t forget about shopping! Shopping for school supplies is still part of the drill. However, it is best if you bring your kids with you and allow them to help with the shop. It can be really exciting for them to pick out some of their own items. It will get them amped up to return to school. Some fun things to add to the list can include a new backpack, lunchbox, outerwear, pens, erasers and paper/notebooks. 


We hope the transition from summer to school is an easy one for you and your family. Wishing you success in the remaining months of 2022!


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