Fall is the new spring: Gardening tips to make your property shine

Friday Sep 03rd, 2021


As the summer comes to an end, you’re likely preparing your garden for the spring planting season. But don’t pack away your planters just yet! Instead of jumping straight to spring, consider giving your planters a fall refresh instead. There is still lots of eye-catching fall foliage, late-season blooms, and harvest-inspired accessories to enjoy this season.

Check the forecast.
Before heading to the garden centre, do some research on the long-range forecast. If you’re anticipating an early frost, choose plants that can handle the cold, like ornamental cabbage and kale. But if the winter is expected to be mild, don’t be scared to buy late-blooming perennials like chrysanthemums.

Embrace foliage.
Planters don’t need to be bursting with blooms to be beautiful. Opt for a harvest-inspired look by planting foliage like flowering kale, ornamental millet, or coral bells which will add colour and texture to your planters.

Gourds, pumpkins and mini squash aren’t just good décor for the front porch – incorporate them into your planters for added texture. Instead of bright-coloured containers, look for old barrels or wood containers for a more rustic feel.

Bonus tip.
Have you thought about adding a few new trees or shrubs to your landscaping? Fall is the best time to get started. You can plant up until six weeks before the first frost to get a head start on the spring

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